About Nexus

Our Story

Over the past two decades, we have helped nearly 70 church leaders plant life-giving and multiplying churches. Our goal is to plant churches and truly care for those called to this challenging task.
By working with leaders across North America, we’re seeing communities rooted in faith see their disciple-making vision come alive.
Our name says it all — as a “nexus,” we pride ourselves on becoming the connection between church-planting leaders and supportive partners. And with our background in the Restoration Movement, we’re intentionally establishing churches grounded in the New Testament.
Together, we can ensure that churches planted today are leaving a lasting impact tomorrow

Our Mission

We make disciples who make disciples who start churches that start churches! If we make healthy disciples who continue to make other disciples, these faith communities will soon be starting even more faith communities.

Our Vision

To launch church-planting movements in all 50 states. Our end game is not to create one monolithic church-planting entity but to launch multiple networks that voluntarily collaborate and partner to launch more churches in their regions.

Our Heritage

Nexus’ leadership comes from the networks of churches known as the Restoration Movement. In keeping with the history of this movement, we commit to embracing unity with all like-minded congregations and other Christian networks and groups.

What Makes Us Unique?

The team at Nexus prides itself on being both thoughtful and intentional. It’s why you won’t see us focusing solely on the numbers. With us, it’s about building churches that will last for decades to come — not padding an annual report with new churches that cranking out churches that aren’t sustainable. Here’s how we do that.
Our COACHES are church planters who bring experience and guidance, ask the right questions, and walk you through the art of church planting.
Our MENTORS are seasoned leaders who become a steady voice in your life. They walk alongside you, help you prioritize what matters, and remind you that God wants to work IN you even as He is working THROUGH you.
Our TRAINING is designed to provide you with the key elements every pastor needs to launch a life-giving, multiplying church.
Our COMMUNITY is what sets us apart. You enter into a family of church-planting companions who learn together as we work alongside one another.
Our ACCOUNTABILITY structure is built around love and guidance to ensure you and your church are in it for the long haul.

Our Name Says It All

As a “NEXUS,” we pride ourselves on becoming the connection between church-planting leaders and supportive partners. And with our background in the Restoration Movement, we also aim to establish churches grounded in the New Testament.
We’re here to ensure you can stand in the center of your calling and multiply disciples in your community and beyond.

Meet The Team

We Are Here To Serve You.

Phil Claycomb
Executive Director
Phil, alongside his wife, Barb, started their first church straight out of seminary and consider themselves missionaries to North America. Their first assignment was to “start a church for unchurched people using only unchurched people to do it.” It was an exciting ride! The Claycomb’s stayed in hands-on church planting for 13 years, planting 2 churches, each of which planted a daughter church. In 2001 Phil and Barb transitioned into a coaching and training role, helping other church planters pursue their own callings. Phil worked with Stadia: new church strategies from 2001-2005. He and Barb moved to Texas in 2006 and launched Nexus: church planting leadership. Phil enjoys working with his wife to support church-planting couples and families.
Barb Claycomb
Executive Assistant
Barb officially joined Nexus in June 2012 as the Executive Assistant to add additional structure and organization to the Nexus team. Prior to starting with Nexus, she worked as an Administrative Assistant for a CPA, life insurance company, and research and development facility. She then spent 13 years as an Elementary teacher – primarily in Kindergarten and First Grade, having plenty of experience in organizing, mothering, and cleaning up messes. But today, she loves working alongside her husband, Phil, in ministry.
Greg Garcia
Director of Coaching
Greg and Karen Garcia serve Creekside Christian Fellowship in Needville, Texas, a church founded by the Garcias in 2005. Greg has never been more than ½ time with his congregation, guiding them through rapid growth and its attendant challenges. He spends the other half of his time interviewing prospective church planters for Nexus and leading Nexus’ coaching system.
Carl "Spark" Ball
Director of Operations
Carl “Spark” Ball joined the Nexus team in 2019 as the full-time Director of Operations. Spark and his wife, Cindy, have been married for over 34 years. They have 2 adopted children, Buddy and Renee. Both have deep roots in church planting. In 1989 they began to attend the Northwest Christian Community (the first church plant of Phil and Barb) and were baptized on December 30, 1990. Spark and Cindy were also part of the launch team for a daughter church of NWCC. From January 2004 – April 2018, Spark served as Executive Director of Love INC of Lake County. He saw the Lord grow the number of churches working together to impact their communities for Christ. Spark is excited to have his ministry focus return to church planting.
Andrew Estes
Director of Training & Communications
Andrew’s role as the Director of Training & Communications here at Nexus comes after a decade of serving on multiple church staffs. He uses that experience to bring clarity and focus to the God-given mission inside every church planter and pastor. Andrew also serves churches and leaders through The Clarity Project. As a Certified Navigator by Auxano in both the Church Unique & God Dreams processes and is a Life Coach & Master Trainer in the Younique personal journey. He's also a certified trainer in the disciple-making training process, Funnel Fusion, from Clarity House. Andrew lives in Loveland, CO with his wife Megan and three children.
Brooke Holt
Event Coordinator
Brooke joined the Nexus team in July 2022 to provide part-time support to the ongoing events and meetings that our church planting network takes part in. Prior to joining Nexus, Brooke stayed home full-time with her children for many years. Her professional experience includes nine years of being a part of the staff team at Watermark Community Church in Dallas, TX, where she assisted the church’s Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, and Elders, plus a stint in the finance industry before that. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University, and also freelances as an editor when she can find the time! Brooke and her husband, J.P., have three kids and live in Dallas. Brooke actively serves at Watermark and also enjoy college football and traveling.
Andrew Wauchope

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Together with Nexus, you’ll plant a church today designed to leave a lasting impact in your community tomorrow.

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