Church Planter Pathway

Church Planter Pathway

Bring Your Church-Planting Vision to Life

The Church Planter Pathway will help you plant a church today designed to leave a lasting impact in your community tomorrow.

Launch a Life-Giving, Multiplying Church

When you’re planting a church, it feels like everyone is for you, but no one is with you. We’re here to provide the tangible care and support you need to plant a life-giving, long-lasting church.
Nexus is your trusted partner to provide you with the support and guidance to launch a healthy, multiplying church without sacrificing your health along the way.

Nexus Was That Extra Motivating Factor

(Nexus) was huge from day one! Just to have that ongoing partnership in ministry and that extra motivating factor to keep pressing on, to keep doing, to keep growing, to keep thinking.
Mike Moser
Lead Pastor, Connection Christian Church

Utilize The Church Planter Pathway

The Church Planter Pathway is our proven process to help pastors like you take a journey of launching your church in a healthy, sustainable way.

Determine Readiness


Interested in church planting? This collaborative assessment process determines your readiness to plant and includes an online assessment along with a 3-day onsite.
Ongoing Preparation


Our training will equip you with the tools you need to see your disciple-making vision come alive! We’ll help you avoid the pitfalls of church planting so you can lead a lifegiving, multiplying church.
Intentional Mentoring


Every leader needs a coach. Every Timothy needs a Paul. Our coaches are there at every step to mentor, guide, and hold you accountable as you see the vision God placed in your heart come to life.
Nurturing Leaders


Leader care is our secret sauce. When you join Nexus, you’re joining a family! We’re here to act as a steadying voice, leading you closer to God and how He is working through you to launch the church He’s entrusted to you.

Stand in the Center of Your Calling

Launch Your Church With Confidence

Work With a Trusted Partner

I have not been a part of anything this good before… genuinely. Nexus has been my fortress, my respite, in so many ways.
Willie Tryon
Lead Pastor – Forge Christian Church

Multiply Disciples in Your Community and Beyond

From clarifying your call to developing a clear vision, Nexus is here to care for you as a leader.

Schedule a Discovery Call

Together, we’ll discuss your vision and dream for your future church.



When you launch with Nexus, you become part of the family. We curate a proven process, including an audit, custom coaching, and ongoing care to position you and your team for success.


Plan, Plant, and Launch Your Church With Confidence

God entrusted a vision to you. See the power of having a trusted partner to bring that vision to life and launch a multiplying church.

Testimonies From Nexus Planters

The heartbeat of Nexus is to plant churches and care for those called to that difficult task. We are a family that helps coach, train, mentor, and guide planters to plant a life-giving and multiplying church.

Nexus is here to ensure you and your church are thriving 

Develop a Clear Vision

Our team is here to bring the mission God placed in your heart to life.

Join a Family

With Nexus, you’re part of a group of church-planting companions who learn together as we work alongside each other.

Plant the Church Within You

Our support is designed to give you the key elements needed to launch a life-giving, multiplying church.

Plant The Church Within You

Together with Nexus, you’ll plant a church today designed to leave a lasting impact in your community tomorrow.

Feeling called to plant a church? We can help!