The Art of The Start

Equipping you and your team
to launch well

Nexus will be with you every step of the way to coach, mentor,
train, and care for you, your family, and your team.


Designing Multiplying Churches

During our time together, you will learn things like:

  • The power of knowing your calling
  • How to articulate and cast a clear and compelling vision
  • How to plan strategically
  • How to craft culture and Build teams
  • How to truly make disciple-makers
  • And so much more!

This training will be delivered in three sections:



The Art of The Start begins online with essential preparatory work before our onsite gathering.



This three-day gathering is an excellent opportunity to get to know other like-minded planters as we learn and grow together.



After our onsite gathering, we will be following up with calls and coaching to help you begin the implementation process for all you’ve learned.

Online Portion

Core concepts designed to accelerate our on-site time together.

  • First, we’ll introduce you to a Disciple-Making Movement tool called the 4-fields. The entire Art of The Start journey is broken down and organized around the concepts in this tool.
  • Then, we move into a time of dreaming about what ‘could be’ by Start With The End In Mind.
  • We’ll also address our fundamental understanding of what our actual goals should be by Making Missional Shifts
  • Vision isn’t everything, but it does change everything. We’ll introduce you to an incredible tool used to bring clarity to you and your team called the Vision Frame.
  • And lastly, before crafting any vision or mission statements, we’ll help you understand that vision should start with investigation, not imitation, through a tool called The Kingdom Concept.

The Four Fields

Nexus isn’t just after planting your church; we’re planting churches! Multiplying disciple-making communities is at the heart of our training, and The Four Fields are the guide through which we train leaders. This training will help you focus on more than just starting a church service. It helps you focus on going out, spreading the Gospel, nurturing disciples, caring for and equipping them as you gather, and training them to go and do the same.

The Vision Frame

Vision isn’t everything, but it changes everything. Thinking way beyond the grand opening to see the multiplication potential of the people you lead is imperative. In The Art of The Start, you will be led by a Vision Frame certified navigator to help you articulate your mission, vision, values, and disciple-making strategy.

Feeling called to plant a church? We can help!