Coaching to Help Pastors and Leaders Excel in Their Ministry

Our coaches guide you through the highs and lows of launching a life-giving, multiplying church.

Every Leader Needs a Coach.

Church planting takes determination, strategy, and support. After all, this process is complex, and it’s tough to go at it alone.

Every Timothy needs a Paul in their life. That’s where our coaches can help. As church planters themselves, they bring experience and guidance, asking the right questions as they guide you through the art of church planting.

“It just feels like I’m at home with Nexus. It’s unparalleled. Everybody needs it, and I wish that everybody could have a Nexus in their corner.”
Nick Grim
Church Planter, Impact Christian Church

Meet Our Coaches

0-2 Years


If you’re starting out on your church planting journey, our coaches are here to guide you each step of the way. We’ll help you lay the foundation for a thriving church planting experience, being there to answer questions as you move through the process.

2-5 Years


Once you pass the two-year mark, you’ll work with a new set of coaches who help you establish eldership and avoid losing the church planter heart for multiplication. We’ll ensure you don’t settle — breaking through your comfort zone to create a live-giving impact.

5+ Years

Mentorship & Accountability

You will never walk alone. Nexus isn’t here to help start your church and leave you in the dust. You’re family! Our team will still act as mentors as you continue your journey, helping you develop as a leader, and guiding you in multiplication. We’re always there for you cheering you on!

Nexus Proved That We Still Mattered

“If it hadn’t been for Nexus, I’m not sure I’d still be in ministry. Nexus affirmed that we still mattered and that we still had something to give.”
Robi Brust
Church Planter, Adventure Church

Coaching Leaders Throughout Their Journey in Ministry

At Nexus, coaching is not just for church planters. We coach any leader who is:

  • Starting a new church
  • Reviving or relaunching a struggling church
  • In need of new life and purpose in their established church

Ensuring You and Your Church Are in It for the Long Haul

Broaden Your Skillset

Our coaching helps you develop the skills needed to plant and grow a successful church.

Work 1:1 With Experienced Leaders

At Nexus, our coaches are church planters with years of experience, holding you accountable throughout your journey.

Launch Your Church With Confidence

We’ll provide you with the support and guidance to launch a healthy, multiplying church without sacrificing your health along the way.

Plant The Church Within You

Together with Nexus, you’ll plant a church today designed to leave a lasting impact in your community tomorrow.

Feeling called to plant a church? We can help!