Church Planter Assessment

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Nexus Assessment Center

The Nexus Assessment Center is designed to challenge, test, and reveal what God has done over the course of your life and ministry in order to determine your readiness to plant.

We firmly believe that past behavior is the best predictor of future performance. We’ll look deep into your life and leadership to learn how God has used you in the past and might utilize those experiences in planting a church.

We also believe that healthy churches are led by healthy leaders. The call of church planting is not for everyone. Eager planters can sometimes do more harm than good, all while having the best intentions. Assessment helps affirm capable leaders and helps to correct and equip those who may not be ready.

Using assessment processes first developed by Roger Gibson (NCEA & Stadia), and further perfected by George Johnson (CEA) and Dr. Matthew LaGrange (His Story Counseling), we help emerging leaders discover God’s calling on their lives.

The process is thorough, transparent, and rigorous, yet the environment is warm, collaborative, friendly, and inviting. It’s a blend of online and onsite work evaluating the couple’s readiness in terms of Dr. Charles Ridley’s 13 key church-planting characteristics.

We are Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today!

If you’re interested in planting a church, the first step is yours.

3 Possible Outcomes


You’re ready to begin this incredible adventure! Your calling and gifts are affirmed and we believe you’re ready to plant a life-giving, multiplying church.


There’s potential with your gifts and abilities but for a variety of reasons, we believe you’re not quite ready to move forward in planting a church. We will identify and coach you to take the next best step in your life and leadership.


Planting a church is not for everyone. You may not have the gifts or calling to plant. But it’s not always a bad thing, sometimes our assessors believe and affirm people to remain right where God has them.

The Nexus assessment process is the cornerstone to affirming one’s call to become a church planter. My wife (Hannah) and I went through the process 7 years ago and it was transformational for us as a couple and individually.  It affirmed our call, but more importantly, it helped shape our future. The process gave us invaluable feedback, both commendations, and recommendations, which has changed us for the better and I’m a better leader today because of the Nexus assessment process.  If you are interested in church planting, this assessment is for you and your spouse.” 

Patrick Lightfoot – Church Planter, Traverse Christian Church

The Nexus assessment was a very affirming experience for my wife and me. We felt that God was leading us to plant a church and to have that affirmed by others was invaluable. We still talk about that experience and what it meant for us.” 

Jeffery Poor – Church Planter, Storyline Christian Church

Network Leaders

Looking for an assessment center for your planter?

Our Assessment Center has helped networks like yours identify church-planting leaders for your regions since 2006. We’re here to equip your church planters to multiply Kingdom impact in everything they do.

These extensive interviews help position your church-planting couples to make an impact, pursue their unique vision, take risks, and plant the church that God has called them to plant.

If you want leaders to avoid the pitfalls of church planting, our assessment process is perfectly designed to set them up for long-term success, as well as a life-long relationship with you and your network.

“The assessment process and the church planting training Nexus offers are by far some of the best experiences and tools we have participated to prepare future church planters to make disciples and plant reproducing churches. As a church planting organization, we have greatly benefited from their wisdom, experience, and partnership in expanding God’s kingdom.”

Sean Thome | Executive Director, Expand NW

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