Nexus Leadership Institute

Equipping Leaders for a Lifetime of Ministry

Do you feel God calling you to something greater?

Everyone is called and used by God to advance the Gospel. We’re here to help you accelerate your growth as a spiritual leader!
We know the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few, so we pray diligently for more workers (Luke 10:2), but we are also deliberately investing in the lives of future leaders (2 Tim. 2:2).

Two emphases in leadership development

To create movement, leaders need to develop discipling and directional leadership skills. D

You will gain:

  • Clarity around your calling
  • Guidance on how to develop disciple-makers
  • Insight into crafting a clear and compelling vision
  • And so much more!

This 2-year journey is delivered in partnership with Nexus through three environments:

LOCAL INVESTMENTPotential leaders will meet 2-3 times a month with a local pastor or mentor as they process material and gain hands-on experience in ministry.

VIRTUAL COHORTLeaders will collaborate in a monthly cohort with leaders around the country as we partner together to equip and train leaders.

COURSE WORKLeaders will be assigned books, online courses, and other materials as they grow in several key areas of leadership and ministry.

“I cannot thank the people at Nexus enough. Your training (The Art of The Start) prepares leaders to communicate a clear and compelling vision. The care you provide church planters is inspiring. The discipleship training is changing how we prepare our church planters and the DNA of the churches we plant. Thank you for partnering with us and helping us to grow people and God’s Kingdom in our region.”
Mike Moser
Director – Christian Evangelistic Mission

Leadership Summit

Twice a year, we converge to equip and encourage one another on this journey in ministry. ThinkNEXT allows you to connect with like-minded leaders who can guide you in your mission to make strong disciples. We’re better together — and ThinkNEXT helps us continue to dream, plan, and lead ourselves, our families, and our churches.
 “I could see how in church planting you could feel very alone if you weren’t careful. Nexus has done a good job of removing that possibility for me.”
Steve Bolin
Lead Minister – Thrive Church

Discipleship Training

The Bonhoeffer Project is a year-long leadership development virtual cohort to help you reclaim the ‘Discipleship-First Gospel,’ craft a disciple-making plan, and change the world — one person at a time. This 10-month process will challenge and equip you to intentionally develop disciple-makers. 

Participants learn to:

  • Reclaim the discipleship gospel
  • Craft a disciple-making plan
  • Change the world one person at a time
  • And more…
“The Bonhoeffer Project has been a refreshing look at the very words of Jesus in light of what discipleship should be. It truly helped me to put into practice what I had been struggling to do for years. The Bonhoeffer Project has brought joy back to the ministry God has called me to do.”
Brian Snyder
Lead Pastor – The Well

Visionary Leadership Training

The Clarity Project ensures individuals and leadership teams gain clarity regarding who they are and what God has called them to do as a church, organization, or person.

With the guidance of The Clarity Project, you will experience:

  • Freedom — When you’re living out the vision God created you to pursue, that’s when you experience true freedom.
  • Confidence — When you know what God has called you to do personally and organizationally, you can lead yourself and others with immeasurable confidence.
  • Clarity — When you clarify your vision, you can pursue the greater things God has in store for you and say “no” to distractions.
  • And more!
“Andrew (the leader of this project) is an effective, relatable developer of people. He is the best kind of coach—the kind who meets you where you are and successfully guides you forward. Andrew is a clear communicator who is both client- focused and Jesus-led. I trust him with my friends.”
Jessie Cruickshank
Author of Ordinary Discipleship

Grow As a Leader

Clarify Your Vision

Focus Your Attention On God

This Process is a Godsend

“Church leaders get distracted often with the rigors of doing ministry. This process is a Godsend and has kept us accountable to the vision God has for our church.”
Patrick Lightfoot
Lead Pastor – Traverse Christian Church

Continue Your Journey in Ministry With Confidence

Whether you’re a church network leader or a church planter, the next step beyond our trainings is partnering with Nexus to launch your next church planting movement. Here’s how to get started.

Schedule a Discovery Call

Together, we’ll discuss your vision and dream for your future church.



When you launch with Nexus, you become part of the family. We curate a proven process, including an audit, custom coaching, and ongoing care to position you and your team for success.


Plan, Plant, and Launch Your Church With Confidence

God entrusted a vision to you. See the power of having a trusted partner to bring that vision to life and launch a multiplying church.

Nexus Is Here to Guide You in Your Church Planting Mission

Develop Your Skills

Our training positions you for long-term success, equipping you with the skills needed to grow your church.

Create an Action Plan

With Nexus, you’ll have the plan you need to continue changing lives and fight the good fight.

Access Insight From Experienced Leaders

Finally, you’ll have the support you’ve been looking for as you learn from church leaders with decades of experience.

Plant The Church Within You

Together with Nexus, you’ll plant a church today designed to leave a lasting impact in your community tomorrow.

Feeling called to plant a church? We can help!