Nexus Leadership Institute

Equipping Leaders for a Lifetime of Ministry

Do you feel God calling you to something greater?

Everyone is called and used by God to advance the Gospel. We’re here to help you accelerate your growth as a spiritual leader!

We know the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few, so we pray diligently for more workers (Luke 10:2), but we are also deliberately investing in the lives of future leaders (2 Tim. 2:2).

Church Leaders!

Are you looking for the next step in training emerging leaders?

Not every church has the capacity or resources to launch a full-scale residency for those interested in deeper development.

That’s where we can help!

In partnership with Nexus, you’ll receive guidance that will help you develop your leaders, and your leaders will be exposed to pastors all across the country living out the mission of God.
Locally and virtually, we will equip leaders for a lifetime of ministry TOGETHER!

Who is this for?

Leadership development is not just for senior leaders and potential church planters.

We’re here to equip men and women in any ministry at every level of church leadership!

Great candidates include but are not limited to:
  • College or graduate students interested in ministry.
  • Individuals sensing God’s calling to vocational ministry.
  • Current church leaders interested in church planting.
  • Current church leaders who desire to grow in their character and competencies as ministry leaders.

*All applicants must be 18+ yrs old.

How It Works

This 2-year journey is delivered in partnership with Nexus through three environments:


Potential leaders will meet 2-3 times a month with a local pastor or mentor as they process material and gain hands-on experience in ministry.


Leaders will collaborate in a monthly cohort with leaders around the country as we partner together to equip and train leaders.


Leaders will be assigned books, online courses, and other materials as they grow in several key areas of leadership and ministry.


Customized Leadership Development Right Where You Are!

Every leader needs a coach.
Jesus helped his disciples grow through on-the-ground training. You can’t teach someone to swim in a classroom alone; at some point, you have to get in the pool! That’s why local investment is critical. We want to partner with local church leaders to help intentionally invest in their leaders TOGETHER!
Every participant in the NLI will be required to meet with a pastor or mentor a minimum of twice a month for intentional and personal development. This is a great time to process the material you’re learning and debrief the leadership and volunteer opportunities you’ve been given.
If you’re in Children’s, Worship, Youth, Recovery, Adults, Small Groups, or any other ministry, the Nexus Leadership Institute is for you! We desire to equip local churches to invest in ALL of their potential leaders.


Collaborative Learning With Like-Minded Leaders

let’s grow together
We believe we’re better together! NLI offers a unique, collaborative learning experience so we can partner to develop the next generation of leadership in the Church. Imagine gathering with leaders from all over the country to grow together and challenge one another as you pursue God’s calling.
Even though we’re all independent churches, it doesn’t mean we’re alone!
This incredible experience will allow you to be invested locally as your pastor, coach, or mentor invests in your life. But it also allows you the opportunity to learn from pastors and leaders in different contexts nationwide! You’ll learn how other leaders wrestle with various cultural and spiritual issues, how God is moving in the lives of other participants, and learn from ministry practitioners on a number of powerful topics.


Online Resources to Accelerate Your Growth!

Make a personal investment
The Nexus Leadership Institute will expose you to thought leaders and practitioners worldwide. We’ll give you the best of the best resources and leaders we have to offer!
You will grow and be challenged in your leadership through books, articles, videos, and more. Our deepest desire is to equip you for a lifetime of ministry impact. You may not always be at the church you’re at now, but Lord willing, you will always serve the Kingdom! The skills and knowledge you acquire now can impact generations.
Each month, in preparation for our virtual cohort time, you will process curated material ahead of time to help accelerate our learning time together.

Two emphases in leadership development

To create movement, leaders need to develop both discipling and directional leadership skills.

NLI will help you gain:

  • Clarity around your calling
  • Guidance on how to develop disciple-makers
  • Insight into crafting a clear and compelling vision
  • Skills to lead effective ministry teams
  • And so much more!
If you have Directional leadership only, you may be able to build an organization, but at what cost? The Ant Hill analogy is relevant because the ants are there to serve the queen (primary leader). If we focus solely on discipleship and have no organizational skills, we do well to love people, but it doesn’t multiply and grow as the movement of God should. So we focus on both Directional and Discipling leadership to equip leaders to multiply their leadership and Gospel impact!

*Adapted from Starfish Movement by Dan Grider.

“I cannot thank the people at Nexus enough. Your training prepares leaders to communicate a clear and compelling vision. The care you provide church planters is inspiring… Thank you for partnering with us and helping us to grow people and God’s Kingdom in our region.”
Chad Halbach
Director – Christian Evangelistic Mission

2 Years of Challenging Content

NLI is organized to be a 2-year rotating curriculum. The content in both years stands alone so that leaders can join at the beginning of any year!
Year one

Spiritual Formation & General Leadership

Spiritual Formation:

Spiritual leadership involves the whole person: heart, mind, soul, & spirit. Cultivating our spiritual disciplines is key. This portion of the training will equip leaders with practical tools for growing all of who they are in Christ.

General Leadership:

This content will focus on leading yourself, leading others, leading leaders, and leading the church through practical tools and training. Participants will be trained in the art of leading teams, practical ministry skills, pastoral care, visionary leadership, conflict resolution, and more.
year two

Biblical Foundations & Disciple-Making

Biblical Foundation:

This section will focus on the foundations of Christian doctrine. Helping leaders understand the overall story of scripture and the distinctives of the Bible and the Restoration Movement.


This is the Great Commission. Making disciple-makers in our churches to multiply disciple-making communities. This section will train leaders in practical, reproducible tools for making multiplying disciples. Through the 4 fields, 411 training, and understanding the Gospel, we’ll give leaders a big vision, a clear pathway, and simple tools.

Are You Ready to Grow as a Leader?

The Nexus Leadership Institute is a unique and collaborative opportunity that’s waiting for you! Now is the time to take your next step as a leader.

Feeling called to plant a church? We can help!