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A year-long leadership development community

Reclaim the Discipleship-First Gospel | Craft Your Disciple-Making Plan | Change the World

Reclaim The Discipleship-First Gospel

With all the false “gospels” circulating in the world today, we’re equipping leaders to put the gospel of discipleship first.

Craft a Personal Disciple-Making Plan

Everyone needs a plan in order to make disciples. Through our process, you will walk away with an actionable plan.

Change the World, One Person at a Time

The Kingdom of God is a world-wide movement, and by investing into it one person at a time, you can change the world.

The Bonhoeffer Project is a 10-month virtual cohort designed to help you craft an intentional disciple-making plan for your local context. You will be challenged to study and articulate the why, the what, and the how of true disciple-making.

Cost is $1,500 $1,200 if you join through Nexus. New groups are in March 2021.

Password to the TBP page is “tbpnexus”

What Nexus Leaders Are Saying…

I didn’t want a cookie-cutter approach to disciple-making.

I jumped into The Bonhoeffer Project because I didn’t want a cut-and-paste, cookie-cutter approach to disciple-making. Having always been in church planting, I wanted to create our process so it would reflect our values, vision, and mission. TBP helped me articulate how we will make disciple-making disciples and preach Jesus’ discipleship gospel. The cohort community is a great experience.
Phil Claycomb
Director of Nexus

What I learned is transforming how we make disciples.

The Bonhoeffer Project challenged me to really look at the gospel of Jesus in a completely different way. What I learned is transforming how we make disciples who make disciples in our church. For the first time in many years of ministry, I have a clear picture of how we are living out the mission of Jesus!
Robi Brust
Lead Pastor – Adventure Church

Now I feel empowered to make disciples of Jesus Christ!

My favorite thing about the Bonhoeffer Project is that it’s not a “one size fits all” plug and play program, but rather a process of training a leader to be a focused disciple-maker in his/her context. I’ve read so much on discipleship in the past but I was still stuck. Now I feel empowered to make disciples of Jesus Christ!
Jeremiah Holcomb
Lead Pastor – The Refuge Christian Church

It has brought joy back to the ministry God has called me to do.

The Bonhoeffer Project has been a refreshing look at the very words of Jesus in light of what discipleship should be. I have enjoyed The Bonhoeffer Project because it truly helped me to put into practice what I had been struggling to do for years. As James tells us (James 1:22) don’t just listen to the Word – do what it says. The Bonhoeffer Project gives us the push to “do what it says” in regards to discipleship. So much has been learned and applied already that it has brought joy back to the ministry God has called me to do.
Brian Snyder
Lead Pastor – The Well

It teaches leaders… to make disciples in their context.

For the last several years I have been wrestling with myself and God about making disciples. The mission of the church is to make disciples and if I’m honest, I have not done well with the one thing God has given with my time here on earth.  I was introduced to The Bonhoeffer Project by Phil Claycomb with Nexus and made the decision to take a closer look and beyond thankful I did.  The Bonhoeffer Project is not a curriculum or strategy, it teaches leaders like myself to make disciples in their context.  I would invite any leader, whether you are in ministry or the business world, to invest in yourself and build the Kingdom of God by making disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples! 
Patrick Lightfoot
Lead Pastor – Traverse Christian Church

Password to the TBP page is “tbpnexus”