March 2013

By | March 16th, 2014

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

What leader care looks like?

Taking care of leaders is one of our top three priorities!.We provide the best possible care for church-planting families… so what exactly does that look like?

1st – Leader Care Encourages and Exhorts. The Golf Course Road Church of Christ recently sponsored a February gathering of our church planters. The guys were blessed by Dr. Mark Scott’s challenge to lean forward into the future by continuing to think NEXT!

ThinkNEXT Gathering in Midland TX

2nd – Leader Care Mentors and Disciples. Nexus hosted our annual NextSTEPS gathering of church-planting executives and Dr. David Roadcup helped us unpack a working strategy for engaging church planters in spiritual formation and discipleship. Older leaders engaging younger leaders in spiritual formation – that’s what Leader Care looks like!

3rd – Leader Care Nurtures Our Children! Thanks to a generous donation from a supporter we are taking our church-planting families on a 4-Day Smoky Mountain vacation in June. We’re calling it our Family Reunion. Sixteen of our ministry families are already signed up for this family getaway… and that translates into 40 church-planting kids having quality time with their parents and their church-planting peers.

4th – Leader Care Studies Best Practices. We host our leaders at the Exponential Conference in Orlando each April. We’ve rented two huge homes and expect to host 30 leaders as they absorb the best practices of their fellow church-planting practitioners.

5th – Leader Care Raises up Leaders From the Harvest. We’re excited that our church planters are stepping up to become coaches and trainers for the next wave of emerging leaders.

Well-Armed – Not Well-Cushioned!

I’ve enjoyed connecting with several of our church planters over the past couple of weeks. The conversations reminded me that these families are under tremendous stress and facing big challenges!! None of the guys whined or complained… but their stories stirred up memories of my own fears while Barb and I were starting churches in Chicago. So while none of the guys whined – be assured that I have been whining on their behalf… Read This Full Article

Wintery Baptisms!

We rejoice with every report of growth in our new churches. But the best news is the testimony of new life – conversion – regeneration – and salvation. Tanka Darjee, who leads our Bhutanese church in Fort Worth, recently had 9 more baptisms on a record-breaking cold, snowy Texas morning. That’s ice and sleet in the background and on the roof.

Save 100%

2 Nights @ a Bed & Breakfast – Free!

Jesus told us what our biggest church-planting challenge will be – finding leaders. That’s why he instructed us to pray for leaders… first and foremost. So – in addition to praying for leaders we’ve decided to resort to a different and historically effective method of finding potential planters: Bribery! Yes – we admit it… If you put us in contact with a leader who passes assessment and ends up hired to plant a church with us we’ll reward your good behavior with 2 Nights at a Bed & Breakfast. Not complicated – simple – so don’t delay… who do you know who has the skills and talents to be starting a new church? Don’t let someone else beat you to your B&B retreat… put us in contact.

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