Church Plantology: The Art and Science of Planting Churches with Peyton Jones

Church Plantology: The Art and Science of Planting Churches with Peyton Jones

The Apostle Paul was a veteran church planter who “laid a foundation like a wise and master builder” and there is much we can learn from his example. Paul indicated that there were basic skills and experiences required to successfully plant a church. From training and sending teams to bi-vocational ministry, fundraising, and so much more.

During his time in prison, Paul spent much of his time writing to Titus, Timothy, and others who’d served alongside him in the trenches to complete their training as church plantings. We can continue to apply these time-tested, proven methods, following the pioneering example of the early church.

In his book, Church Plantology, Peyton Jones traces the biblical, historical, and modern-day practices needed to plant healthy, multiplying churches. As an experienced bi-vocational and serial church planter, Peyton brings a wealth of wisdom to the world of planting churches.

About Peyton:

Peyton Jones has been on the front lines of ministry for over ten years. In 1999, at the age of 25, he moved to Europe and served as the evangelist at Lloyd-Jones’s legendary Sandfields church, Aberavon. An accidental church planter, Jones planted in a Starbucks before returning to America and planting in inner-city Long Beach. To reach those nobody is reaching, Jones has worked as a firefighter, factory worker, barista, and psychiatric nurse, bringing all these experiences to the table. Jones received his MA in Theology: Pastoral Studies from Wales Evangelical School of Theology, and is the Regional Catalyst for NAMB. He is also the host of the Jump School Core Team Training Series, the Managing Editor of Church Planter Magazine, and the co-host of the weekly Church Planter Podcast.