Facebook Prayer Ads with Chris Abbott

Facebook Prayer Ads with Chris Abbott

Want to kick the summer slump?

What if you could get a steady stream of guests by doing something completely different in your marketing?

There are hundreds of ways to get the word out about your church. Most of them, unfortunately, focus more on the church than the people you’re trying to reach.

Facebook Prayer Ads are an incredible new way to get people connected to you and your church through intentional prayer for them and their needs. Chris Abbott, a recent co-owner at Church Marketing University, has been pioneering this new form of church marketing with outrageous success in both God-sized stories as well as first-time visitors.

About Chris: Chris Abbott is the co-owner of Church Marketing University and one of the leading experts on Facebook Ads for churches. His extensive years of experience as a pastor, marketer, and entrepreneur have given him unique insight on how to use psychology, ministry, and marketing to help pastors achieve sustainable church growth. He has helped coach thousands of pastors through his online coaching programs, Church Marketing University, and his YouTube Channel. He is obsessed with helping church leaders make Heaven crowded.