Transforming a Prevailing Model Church Into a Disciple-Making Movement with Joe Stewart

Transforming a Prevailing Model Church Into a Disciple-Making Movement

Kingdom-minded church leaders diligently seek a movement beyond their local church walls. But sometimes, we get stuck in the grind of our 7-day whirlwind planning for the following Sunday service. We hear stories of disciple-making movements and people coming to faith in Acts-like numbers overseas. But how do we see movement happen here? In the States? In our cities? In our church?
Missional leaders have pursued the answer to that question for a long time. But sometimes, prevalent examples to emulate are hard to find. So, we must glean everything anytime we get a hint of Kingdom-expanding success. Simple Church ( is a movement in the Denver area utilizing proven, reproducible discipleship methods. They’ve seen tremendous fruit and are constantly training and launching new “simple churches” all across the front range of Colorado.
As a part of Simple Church, Joe Stewart is training and leading prevailing model churches to adopt a global focus, training leaders to multiply disciples and churches. Join us for this incredible conversation as we learn how to transform our prevailing model churches into disciple-making movements.
About Joe Stewart:
Joe Stewart has served as a Missions Pastor and a Small Groups Pastor and has years of ministry in the Middle East, coaching Church Planting Movements. He now works for E3 Partners and Simple Church Global and is pursuing his Ph.D. In Applied Theology. He’s married to Rachelle, and they have three boys.