Unleashing Disciple-Making DNA with Leonard Lee

Unleashing Disciple-Making DNA with Leonard Lee

Lifeway did a research project that discovered 94% of the people who meet Christ were brought to Christ by someone less than two years old in their faith. Moving past year two of faith, most Christ-followers do not share Christ. Their research also showed that more than half of people who follow Christ have not shared Christ in a meaningful way in the past six months. The average church in the USA is between 70-90 people but the average church sees one person from outside the church meet Christ every 12-14 months. Churches as a whole are not seeing many people come to Christ. Christians are not sharing Christ in meaningful ways, yet, this is the mission of the church – to make disciples.

We so strongly desire to see the fruit that lasts. We want disciples to make disciples and we hunger for God’s will to be done here like it is in heaven. Disciples making disciples is God’s answer to these desires.

About Leonard:

Leonard is a husband, father, son, brother, and friend, but most important of all, he is loved and adopted by God. He has served in ministry since 1980 as a youth leader in the church, as an area director with Youth for Christ, as an international speaker and trainer, as a church planter, and senior pastor. He is the founder of the 4GENetwork. His undergrad studies are in theology and ministry. Leonard holds a Masters of Arts in Christian Leadership and is finalizing the last few chapters in his Doctoral Dissertation on Transformational Leadership. Leonard has been married to Merrily since 1989. They have two adult children and have traveled all over the world together serving the Church.

To learn more about Leonard and 4GENetwork, visit: https://www.4-gen.net/

Be sure to pick up his book, Leading From The Middle.