Working Genius for Church Leadership with Kerry Snyder

Working Genius for Church Leadership with Kerry Snyder

Patrick Lencioni’s Working Genius is a revolutionary new team leadership model and assessment that has invaded the marketplace and ministries. It’s designed to help everyone understand their gifts and frustrations to better experience fulfillment and dignity in their work.

Our friend Kerry Snyder, who was with Nexus earlier this year for ThinkNEXT, is certified in the Working Genius. Utilizing this powerful model, Kerry coaches church leaders to better understand the unique makeup of their staff and teams. Knowing the unique strengths and weaknesses a particular leader brings to a team is invaluable. Kerry serves churches all over the country as a strategist for Gloo.

Gloo is an innovative organization serving churches and helping them grow with remarkable tools. Their online platform is bursting with opportunities for church, and Kerry will give us a sneak peek into how we can utilize this resource. This will be an incredible time to acquire much-needed content and opportunities for you and your leaders!

Kerry Snyder

Kerry Snyder serves at Gloo, a new kind of outreach platform designed to help your church reach your city in a way that saves you time, activates your team, and increases your impact. Our goal is to help your church serve more new people and see more lives changed – each week. With decades of pastoral experience, Kerry has incredible insights into bringing innovative outreach strategies to churches.