Our vision is to launch church-planting movements throughout North America! Our end game is not to create one monolithic church-planting entity that controls or guides church planting in various regions… but to launch multiple networks that voluntarily collaborate and partner to launch churches in their own regions.

Partner, Pray & Provide

There are three ways to get involved:

Partner: Through a covenant agreement, Nexus partners with churches or a network of churches to start churches that multiply. Click on the Partner button to learn more!

Pray: Join our prayer ministry “Nexus Prays!” and lift up our front-line workers and their leaders as we advance the Kingdom of God. Click on the Pray button to join our team.

Provide: Your financial offering will help provide the needed resources to serve our church planters, their families, leaders, and disciples. Click on the Provide button to financially support our mission.

Testimonies From Nexus Planters

The heartbeat of Nexus is to not only plant churches but to truly care for those called to that difficult task. We are a family that helps coach, train, mentor, and guide planters along the journey to plant a life-giving and multiplying church. Learn more about planting with Nexus:


Feeling called to plant a church? We can help!

What We Do

Our name was selected with care and intentionality. We believe our role to be that of a “nexus” (the point where
linkage or connection occurs.) We are the connecting place where church planting leaders and potential partners make
acquaintances. Our goal is to partner with you, the church-planting leader, helping you launch new faith communities
that will impact your context.

Who actually starts the churches? We don’t. Church planting couples do! What Nexus does is provide the best possible
care for the church-planting couples and their teams who are out there busting it to launch new faith communities! Our
specific task is Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today! Our task is to come alongside you to help you succeed.
Leader Care involves four crucial elements:

  1. Coaching focuses on your “project” and its attendant goals and objectives. Your coach will guide you into
    the “the art” of church planting.
  2. Mentoring focuses on you as a “person”, as well as your “family.” The mentors are interested in helping you
    foster “the heart” for ministry.
  3. Training grounds you in a cognitive understanding of entrepreneurial processes as well as the dynamics of
    healthy faith communities. Training grounds you in the rapidly changing field of church planting “wisdom.”
  4. Community is the nurturing context in which you find close companions along the way. In a community,
    you discover “the personal touch” that is needed as God engages you in “spiritual formation.”


We think the Kingdom is served best when each region is resourced and released to pursue God’s calling in their own
locale… in voluntary partnership with others. Our focus is on church planting and helping others do the same in their own regions. So that puts us in not just the “church planting” business – we’re also in the network launching
and nurturing business. Wherever possible we partner with pre-existing networks and provide needed structure and
systems. When those pre-existing networks are not available we launch and nurture new regional networks that are
independent of Nexus.


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